There is no Industry 4.0 without Industrial IoT  or IIoT (some even use them interchangeably) so expect quite some Industrial IoT demonstrations at Hannover Messe 2017, which takes place on April 24-28, 2017.

LoRa IoT technology can help enhance customer experience and develop new services and even business models at motorway service areas in cost-effective ways.

One of the companies that will showcase end-to-end IoT solutions at the event is Orange Business Services. An overview of what you can expect and the IoT cases, projects and solutions on display.

On top of showing the possibilities which the company offers with regards to secure (not unimportant) end-to-end IoT solutions, Orange wants to focus on value, the core theme of Hannover Messe 2017 and a key element in Industry 4.0 where it’s time to look at solid strategic plans to create and extract value as research keeps showing.

Far too many businesses are indeed still looking at short-term projects with direct results but not enough at the creation of new value and thus new sources of revenue, ecosystems and business models. This is both still the case on the level of the deployment of IoT projects as such and on the level of other Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0 initiatives.

Orange Business Services IoT solutions and cases at Hannover Messe 2017

Orange Business Services IoT cases at Hannover Messe 207: from tracking to smart roadway service areas, smart agriculture and security

Orange Business Services aims to fill in the value message with innovative solutions that fulfil traditional, yet important, goals such as the improvement of operational efficiency and cost cutting, and with solutions that illustrate how end-to-end IoT solutions can help in achieving more ‘mature’ goals such as the creation of new business models.

As the proof of the putting is in the eating (and to see how IoT and Industry 4.0 create value) there is no better way than looking at real-life examples and their results so here is what you can see on the Orange Business Services booth.

Smart logistics: preventing loss and theft of car manufacturing parts

Visitors of the Orange booth at Hannover Messe 2017 (Hall 8, Booth F09), which is located in the “Creative France” Pavillion that is hosted by Business France, will among others discover how a global car manufacturer has equipped the crates it uses to transport auto parts to factories with Orange SIM card-based tracking devices across Europe.

The goals and benefits are obviously in tracking and, specifically in the prevention of theft and loss of such crates. Such tracking and monitoring applications are among the most popular usages of IoT (freight monitoring is the leading IoT use case from an actual IoT spending perspective in transportation) but you can imagine their direct and tangible benefits in big operations, as you would find them at a global car manufacturer, and in any process and transport where 1) loss/theft occur and/or 2) the crates that get lost/stolen contain very valuable items and/or 3) any stolen or lost batch of parts results in bottlenecks further down the value chain (e.g. manufacturing process).

Tracking and monitoring crates with auto parts prevents theft and loss.

Of course the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet of Things concerns more than IoT in manufacturing and connected logistics. And the same goes for Industry 4.0 which, as mentioned previously, is going beyond its classic scope of manufacturing and encompasses more Industrial Internet markets.

So, what else can you expect from Orange Business Services at Hannover Messe 2017?

Smart roadways: smart service area solution

The VINCI Autoroutes connected motorway service area concept, which uses LPWAN technology (specifically LoRa and LoRaWAN) for a variety of purposes is also demonstrated at Hannover Messe and here we come closer to tapping into potential new services and beyond.

If you ever drove through France you certainly know the many Vinci Autoroutes service areas which in busy tourist seasons allow you to take a break but also can leverage the Internet of Things to tackle challenges that come with heavy traffic and enhance the customer experience of tourists and anyone else using them.

Think, among others, about real-time information on parking space availability for smoother traffic patterns (in peak periods not a luxury), remote monitoring of trash levels in waste containers (same remark), road status information and so much more as you can certainly imagine if you’re a regular user of motorway service areas.

Companies like VINCI Autoroutes with their existing offerings, services and physical presences on France’s motorways have the ability to leverage the mentioned concepts and far more once all is connected in ecosystems with other strong partners to not just increase efficiency and revenue but even to transform the full experience of motorway users and tap into new benefits. Just one quick example/thought: in tourist seasons there are hundreds of small accidents on and close to service areas, ruining the holidays of far too hasty and stressed holiday goers who don’t pay enough attention on the parkings of such areas. Just a thought. You can imagine more.

Smart agriculture: agribusiness connectivity and operations

Orange Business Services also looks at smart agriculture at Hannover Messe with Orange partner Dacon which provides the hardware, software and services for arable farms an agribusiness across the globe.

Digitization is moving beyond just technical frontiers. It’s opening the flow of data throughout design, production and the supply chain all the way up to the end customers and suppliers (Orange PR)

Dacon thereby leverages Orange’s IoT connectivity platform for smart agriculture with a new telematics standard. It enables agriculture operations and supports an installed base of 10,000 sensors in 30 countries across weather stations, field and soil monitoring and irrigation management sites.

Finally, on Orange’s Hannover Messe 2017 page we also read that there will be demonstrations on protecting industrial operations against cyber-attacks, not a luxury as security is still an IIoT top concern.

Disclaimer: we are not affiliated with any of the mentioned organizations.