Digitization, automation and transformation

Evolving from scanning and document services to BPO services and higher customer value interview Datascan Ireland Orla Cafferty

Evolving from scanning and document services to BPO services: the journey of Datascan

Interview with Orla Cafferty of Dublin-based Datascan Document Services on the strategic journey from document management services and document capture services to high-value BPO and compliance services. Without digitization there is no digital transformation. Yet, in reality there is still...
Digital transformation concept

Digital transformation maturity: from internal operations to external limitations

Digital transformation is still seen too much as a matter of siloed and ad hoc projects with digital transformation maturity remaining quite low. The main focus of many organizations de facto is on internal goals such as automation, process...

Internet of Things and Services

OpenFog IEEE 1934 standard

The OpenFog Reference Architecture and the IEEE 1934 standard

What you need to know about OpenFog’s Reference Architecture and the IEEE 1934 standard, launched in June 2018 by the OpenFog Consortium and the IEEE Standards Association: what, why, when - and where you find more information. Fog computing, which...
Digital catapult and the things network join forces - impact and context LoRaWAN in the UK

LoRaWAN in the UK: inside the Digital Catapult and The Things Network collaboration

Low power wide area wireless IoT network standard LoRaWAN is about to get a boost in the UK. The collaboration between Digital Catapult and The Things Network (TTN), announced on June 18, 2018, has everything to do with it....

Industrial transformation and innovation

MRO Inventory Optimization - IBM Oniqua acquisition combining AI and IoT capabilities to proactively maintain vital assets

Inside the IBM acquisition of Oniqua: asset optimization with MRO

Acquisition of Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) specialist Oniqua enables IBM to expand asset optimization offering in an end-to-end way. Overview. Gathering asset intelligence to enable proactive and predictive maintenance by leveraging IoT and AI is a key priority in...
Manufacturing concept

Customer-oriented transformation and innovation in manufacturing

Pretty much everyone in manufacturing by now at least has heard about Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT. While many are in the first stages of industrial transformation, the more mature goals of open data ecosystems of value/collaboration and customer-oriented...

Smart buildings and facilities

Smart office smart workplace smart meeting videoconferencing concept

IT, IoT, smart buildings and AI in smart workplaces – digital workplace 2018

Artificial intelligence and the digital workplace already have a pretty long history together in areas many don’t realize. And by the looks of it, the role of AI in smart workplaces is increasing with more recent evolutions in 2018. 62%...
IoT home automation

IoT in home automation: the fast growing list of use cases

The link between wine bottles, living fish, audio, your garden, a good swim, asthma and the Internet of Things: the accelerating growth of IoT home automation in the age of the true connected smart home. The light and room control...

Compliance and regulation

Data breach concept

Personal data breach notification and communication duties under the GDPR

As mentioned on our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) page there are strict rules concerning personal data breach notifications. These duties are covered in several GDPR Articles of the final GDPR text and also come back several times in the...
GDPR and personal data protection concept

Personal data protection: data subject, personal data and identifiers explained

Personal data is any form of data which can be used to identify an individual, natural person. In data protection and privacy law, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is defined beyond the popular usage in which the...

Marketing, sales and customer excellence in the digital age

Linkfluence acquires scoop.it

Linkfluence raises 18 million euros and acquires Scoop.it

French social data intelligence company Linkfluence has raised 18 million euros and is expanding its operations with the acquisition of content curation pioneer Scoop.it. While Scoop.it probably rings a bell among content marketing experts across the globe, Linkfluence might not...
Interview Nancy Nardin

Give your salespeople the tools to sell – sales success with Nancy Nardin

Buying behavior has changed. Marketing has changed. Sales has changed. Customer-centricity is revisited as customers continue to change and increasingly feel overwhelmed. However, has sales adapted enough to overcome commercial challenges? How has the collaboration between sales and marketing...