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4IR inventions and patent applications technologies concept

Industrial transformation on the rise: 4IR technology patent application learnings

The number of patent applications and inventions in the scope of fourth industrial revolution technologies (4IR) is growing and is another token of the...
Fourth industrial revolution Industry 40 concept

Fourth industrial revolution 2018: the global race for domination heats up

The question whether we're at the brink of a fourth industrial revolution has been answered: we are. The questions that remain: how to create...

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IT evolutions future transformation multiplied innovation

Key information technology evolutions enabling future digital transformation

The main IT technologies and evolutions enabling digital transformation in 2018 and beyond include human-digital interfaces, artificial intelligence, open API ecosystems, cloud services and...
CEO and digital transformation concept

The CEO and digital transformation in multinational organizations

In recent years more CEOs have taken responsibility over digital transformation leadership and recruited Chief Digital Officers to do so. When it boils down...

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Corporate rules and regulation concept

International personal data transfers: binding corporate rules (BCRs) under the GDPR

Binding Corporate Rules or BCRs are internal rules which define the international policy in a multinational group of companies and international organizations regarding intra-organizational...

Data processing principles: the 9 GDPR principles relating to processing personal data

Overview of the personal data processing principles under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and where and how the principles relating to processing of...

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Trust is broken

The time to rethink influence, thought leadership and trust is now

Trust in major institutions, media, business, CEOs, government and social (to name a few) has sunk to an all-time low since Edelman started publishing...
Generation Y concept

Changing customer expectations regarding insurance providers: the Gen Y effect

Insurance customers have increased expectations, with an important role for younger consumers. In a video made at the occasion of the World Insurance Report 2016...


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