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Storytelling concept

The art of storytelling in 7 content marketing context questions

Storytelling and content marketing go hand in hand. Yet, the art of storytelling stretches further than the narrative in any form of content. Do brands create stories? Do stories create brands? Or is the power...
Lee Odden Content Marketing Conference Europe 2014 quote in the content marketing eBook by TopRank Online Marketing and i-SCOOP – via SlideShare

Lee Odden: integrate to be the best answer

Lee Odden kicked off i-SCOOP's Content Marketing Experience Conference 2014 with a keynote, titled “Attract, Engage, Convert – How to Be the Best Answer Wherever Customers Are Looking”. It was the second time Lee joined...
Lee Odden at the i-SCOOP Fusion Marketing Experience in 2012 – picture by Remy Bergsma

Customer-centric content marketing: Lee Odden weighs in

Lee Odden was one of the keynote speakers at i-SCOOP's Content Marketing Conference in 2014 in Antwerp . Attendees of previous events might remember that Lee joined us at another event where we looked...