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site search

Site search: improving the digital customer experience

As the godfathers of usability and user experience always emphasized you need to offer "visitors" (a.k.a. people with an intent and task at hand) choice in the ways they can effectively access your content...
Craig Le Clair – VP Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

Knowledge dissemination and dimensions of business agility

Ten dimensions that shape an organization’s business agility. Forrester analyst Craig Le Clair has been working on the many dimensions of business agility from a technology perspective. One of the outcomes is a Forrester...
Smartphone sales by operating system – source Gartner

Smartphone sales beat feature phone sales for the first time ever

It's a fact: for the first time ever, smartphone sales have outgrown feature phone sales, bringing the mobile and mobility first reality closer and closer. Along with the recent predictions by Forrester on tablet...