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Network of Industrie 4.0 Digital Capability Centers launched

As mentioned in our Industry 4.0 overview, the concept of Industry 4.0 is now worldwide in scope. Industry 4.0 has gone global but 'worldwide in scope' sounds better and it’s precisely what industrial IoT...
Digital banking concept

The state of digital banking: consumers want more than lipstick on a pig

Digital banking and mobile banking are mainstream, yet research shows that not all is well from the consumer perspective. What do customers expect from their banks? In order to know it's always good to conduct...
Leakage rates in banking scenarios – McKinsey via Twitter

Holistic optimization: identifying and reducing leakage rates in banking and beyond

A leaky bucket is not just a computer algorithm or a bucket with holes in it. The concept of leaky buckets is also known in customer experience management, business process optimization and conversion optimization....