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Talk to your customers says Jay Baer in the video interview below - it sounds obvious but as digital marketers we forget it too often as Jay says

Youtility: Jay Baer on usefulness and true customer value

Creating business value increasingly equals creating customer value. Customer-centricity isn't a goal anymore, it's the basis. And usefulness is key to achieve it: remember the crucial role of the customer's voice and of intent...
Bryan Eisenberg at one of our events

The conversion trinity: lessons for content marketers

Marketing optimization expert Bryan Eisenberg often refers to what he calls the “Holy Trinity of Conversion Optimization". When going through one of the presentations Bryan gave at an edition of our Fusion Marketing Experience...
Robert Rose on the customer journey and silos

Robert Rose on content marketing and storytelling

Robert Rose is the Chief Strategist at the Content Marketing Institute. In this interview with Robert we take a look the evolutions in content marketing and in related areas such as content management, customer...