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Business transformation: what butterflies can’t do – and we have to

When Edward N. Lorenz, Professor of Meteorology, first talked about the butterfly effect in 1972 he had no idea how 'his' butterfly effect would be massively embraced in so many areas. When he flapped his...
Sameer Patel on digitization and digital transformation at CeBIT 2014

Sameer Patel: four elements of a holistic digital transformation framework

Recently I was following a few events where the core theme was digital transformation. One of them had SAP's Sameer Patel as a speaker. I noticed this tweet with a picture of Sameer and a...
Four hybrid IT environments

Digital transformation: hybrid models for flexible business

Sometimes I get a bit fed up with the concept of digital disruption. Sure, the combination of digital evolutions, altering customer behavior and innovative ways of doing business, does have a "disruptive" effect and...