Libelium has added a new cloud platform integration to its list and announced an agreement with AVEVA in the scope of Industrial IoT and the digital transformation of industrial companies.

For industrial companies, digital transformation powered by the cloud and IoT is a strategic necessity to continue to stay competitive, relevant and differentiated (Saadi Kermani, AVEVA)

The Spain-based wireless sensor node and M2M platform company, with specialization in markets such as smart cities (with some of the first smart city projects in the US supporting unlicensed band LPWA networks Sigfox and LoRaWAN), smart agriculture, environmental monitoring (with, among others an air quality control smart city application in Glasgow), smart water and industrial control, more precisely announced the interoperability of its IoT gateway Meshlium and AVEVA’s Insight (Wonderware).

AVEVA’s Insight is a secured managed Industrial IoT cloud platform that is powered by Wonderware Online and, among others, enables the consolidation of data from multiple sources. As a reminder: Wonderware comes from the ‘Schneider Electric side’ in the merger of UK-based AVEVA and Schneider Electric‘s industrial software business (based in France).

The IoT gateway of Libelium, Meshlium, which receives sensor data from the Waspmote Plug & Sense! range of IoT sensor nodes and forwards them to IoT platforms in the cloud, is fit for demanding industrial conditions with a rugged and waterproof enclosure.

With the integration of the AVEVA’s Insight platform to the ecosystem of Libelium and the corresponding interoperability both Libelium and AVEVA expand the ‘reach’ of their respective products/solutions and enable their respective customers to leverage these.

Libelium expands interoperability with cloud platform integration AVEVA

In practice: the IoT gateway and IoT sensors of Libelium in the Industry 4.0 environment where AVEVA Insight and Wonderware Online are active on one hand and the support of the Insight platform by buyers and users of Libelium’s Meshlium which of course de facto is closely tied with the large range of sensor nodes of the company and its broad ecosystem on the other hand.

AVEVA Insight and the Libelium Meshlium gateway in a nutshell

Industrial software player Wonderware, which became part of the industrial software portfolio of Schneider Electric when its owner Invensys was acquired in 2014 and thus now is part of the combined industrial software business of AVEVA and Schneider Electric, is a leading player in HMI and SCADA solutions, manufacturing execution systems and operations management (MES and MOM) and industrial information management.

Libelium CEO Alicia Asín on Twitter
“Libelium and AVEVA are marrying the cost-effectiveness of IoT connectivity with the robust, secure and domain specific operational technologies of the industrial world” – Libelium CEO Alicia Asín

AVEVA’s Insight, powered by Wonderware Online (which works with Microsoft Azure as also other applications of Schneider Electric, such as its EcoStruxure platform that is, among others available for building management and electrical grid, do) as a secure and managed solution enables the collection, storage, visualization and analysis of industrial data from IoT-enabled manufacturing assets.

It, among others, comes with a historian-as-a-service solution, enabling to unlock insights from the time-series data which are collected from multiple sensors and smart devices and stored in the solution’s secure cloud.

Insight Performance enables the manufacturing asset and production event data collection, storage, monitoring and analysis from IoT-enabled sensors, enabling content integration and consolidation from multiple data sources (with eligible data sources including several Wonderware solutions).

Libelium’s Meshlium collects sensor data via Ethernet, 2G, 3G and 4G, prior to sending them to external databases or a broad option of third party cloud platforms with cloud partners, which on top of AVEVA, among others include Amazon AWS IoT, Cumulocity (now Cumulocity IoT, part of Software AG), Telit, DeviceLynk, IBM,, ThingWorx (PTC), Ericsson, C2M, Telefónica, devicepilot, Fujitsu, SensorInsight and Tata Communications, to name a few. Of course, local databases are also supported with a direct link from the local storage inside the Meshlium gateway to the local database.

Libelium Meshlium IoT gateway interoperability - source press release Libelium
Libelium Meshlium IoT gateway interoperability – source press release Libelium

The Libelium and AVEVA integration agreement

Libelium CEO Alicia Asín describes the scope of the agreement as follows: “Libelium and AVEVA are marrying the cost-effectiveness of IoT connectivity with the robust, secure and domain specific operational technologies of the industrial world”

As Fiona Straton writes in a blog post, the announced native connectivity of Libelium’s Meshlium IoT gateway de facto means more connectivity options, almost zero engineering time and better understanding of the industrial processes for Insight users as is further detailed in her blog.

Saadi Kermani on LinkedIn
Saadi Kermani on LinkedIn

More about Insight, with quite some focus on security and the possibilities regarding, among others, visualization, collaboration and data export, across myriad devices.

From the press release: “AVEVA has been steadily expanding its cloud capabilities – which coupled with deep industry expertise – enables Libelium customers to both incrementally and safely improve their existing business, while positioning themselves to take advantage of exciting new opportunities”.

And then about Meshlium: “Meshlium IoT Gateway provides an innovative low-cost method of capturing data – making it feasible to augment existing instrumentation with low-cost solutions that measure and monitor performance of equipment ‘black holes’.”

Quotes and more regarding the integration agreement between Libelium and AVEVA and the respective benefits and context for both Insight and Meshlium users in that same press release.

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