IoT Solutions World Congress 2017

News, updates and coverage from IoT Solutions World Congress 2017 in Barcelona (IOTSWC).
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IoT Solutions World Congress 2017: a record-breaking edition

IoT Solutions World Congress - IOTS - 2017In 3 years, IOTSWC became the major Industrial Internet of Things industry event and the edition 2017 is a record-breaking one.

Supported by its partners and leading associations in Industry 4.0 IOTSWC 2017 aimed to attract over 10,000 visitors. By mid-day of just the first day of the IoT and Industry 4.0 event over +4,000 visitors from 114 different countries were already welcomed. Announcements, impressions and more from 3 days with +250 speakers and +10 IoT testbeds below!

IOTSWC news, info and updates

IT and OT debate at IoT Solutions World Congress 2017 with HPE and SAS - picture Twitter HPE

The IT and OT debate at IoT Solutions World Congress 2017 in perspective

The convergence of IT and OT is happening since many years now but when is it really going to be a fact and what...
Digital factory concept

HPE launches Express App Platform – Manufacturing at IoT Solutions World Congress 2017

Speeding up digital factory transformation with faster application deployment in factory premises without disrupting ongoing operations. That's what Hewlett Packard Enterprise promises to do...
Intel Secure Device Onboard - the full picture - more in the product brief - PDF opens

Secure and zero-touch IoT device onboarding at scale: Intel SDO

Want to realize faster IoT device onboarding leveraging existing device management software platforms? Intel SDO aims to be the solution with quite impressive savings...

Industries covered at #IOTSWC17

Given its scope, IoT Solutions World Congress is mainly for professional applications, technologies and topics across several industries. 

The core industries which are impacted by the Internet of Things are also those that get the main attention at IoT Solutions World Congress 2017. They include manufacturing, energy & utilities, connected transport, healthcare, buildings & infrastructure and open industry. The latter is a mix of various topics that look at technologies, applications and cases which are used across several other sectors than the ones just mentioned, such as farming, mining and retail.