Fusion Marketing Experience Antwerp 2012: report

Fusion Marketing Experience conference Antwerp 2012 by i-SCOOP

Do you love your customers? Customer-centricity, digital marketing ROI, customer experience optimization and integrated digital marketing were the key topics at the Fusion Marketing Experience Antwerp 2012 on May 3 and 4, 2012.

In keynotes, master classes and workshops with Bryan Eisenberg, Lee Odden, Jim Lenskold, Kristin Zhivago, Jamie Notter, Olivier Blanchard, AJ Huisman, Stefaan Claes, Kath Pay, Polle de Maagt, Tamara Gielen and more, all possible customer touchpoints were tackled, resulting in an overall view of the social and empowered customer.

Takeaways from the Fusion Marketing Experience conference 2012

Kristin Zhivago - picture by Remy Bergsma
Kristin Zhivago – picture by Remy Bergsma

The event in practice mainly revolved around how marketing is broken, how it can be fixed by putting the customer first, how to change our organizations from within and how to adopt a culture of integration, offering content and valuable touchpoints across all channels the modern consumer uses.

The attendees and keynote speakers provided a great experience, as did the different hosts of workshops. It struck us how during the keynotes no one was ‘networking’ but everyone was actually going for the content, the knowledge and the insights. The next step is doing something with these insights.

Jamie Notter - picture by Remy Bergsma
Jamie Notter – picture by Remy Bergsma

For that reason we created a closed LinkedIn Group for all attendees, past speakers and even future speakers. During the weekend over 100 people joined. You might have noticed ‘future speakers’. There indeed is a future because one thing is sure: marketers have many opportunities to increase efficiency, and we see it as our mission to empower them by offering valuable content.

Today it’s done via events and workshops such as this week’s social media training with Olivier Blanchard and the Social Business Sessions with Brian Solis on June 28th. However, webinars, online training and eBooks are just some of the next steps. The attendees have proven that they want to learn. CEOs and senior managers should realize that continuous learning and optimization, together with a stronger focus on people and processes as core elements to unbreak marketing, will give their organizations a competitive advantage and help them better serve their customers.

Links and content about the conference

You can find an overview of the event, thanks to our friend Remy Bergsma.

Opening and closing keynote Kristin Zhivago was kind enough to interview attendees before the event and make a presentation, summarizing some key takeaways from the other speakers (see bottom of post).

Below are some more links, more will be added soon.