Fusion Marketing Experience

Fusion marketing experience by i-SCOOPThe Fusion Marketing Experience event brand was launched in 2010 to provide European marketers with the insights, knowledge and skills needed to serve today’s customer. The motto: “Improve business value by improving customer value”.

This is achieved by taking an integrated and customer-centric approach and focusing on actionable know-how in an informal and interactive setting. Fusion Marketing Experience is an event brand (conferences and smaller workshops), launched, owned and organized by i-SCOOP.

The consumer is channel-agnostic and increasingly controls his buying journey. This is why Fusion Marketing Experience offers a mix of strategic and tactical insights across all touchpoints.

The first Fusion Marketing Experience conference – looking back

After a small round table end 2010 with Joe Pulizzi about content marketing, the first major Fusion Marketing Experience Conference was a fact in March 2011 in Brussels. With the customer in the center – our mantra – we gathered speakers with multiple background to look at digital in a 360° perspective.

Speakers at that – unforgettable – first edition:

  • Social media Olivier Blanchard who would show up for later events.
  • Email marketing expert Dela Quist, CEO of AlchemyWorx.
  • Customer experience specialist Richard Sedley, the voice of what matters most: the customer.
  • Trendwatcher Alfred den Besten.
  • eCRM expert Gianfranco Cuzziol who also whould came back later for several other events we organized.
  • Email marketing consultant and trainer Kath Pay, indeed, who also joined us again later.
  • Storyteller for business Trey Pennington (R.I.P).
  • Search and WordPress expert Joost de Valk.
  • Dave Chaffey, digital marketing pioneer, nowadays owner of SmartInsights, who also joined us at later event.
Taste the atmosphere of the first Fusion Marketing Experience in the video below made by sponsor LBi.

Overview of all events

  • Fusion Marketing Experience Brussels 2011 with Dr. Dave Chaffey, Richard Sedley, Olivier Blanchard, Dela Quist, Joost de Valk & more.
  • Fusion Marketing Experience Antwerp 2011 conference with Gerry McGovern, Bryan Eisenberg, Jeff Molander & more.
  • Social media workshop with former GM Social Media Manager Christopher Barger.
  • Two-day social media training with Olivier Blanchard, author of ‘Social Media ROI’.
  • Fusion Marketing Experience Antwerp 2012 conference with Bryan Eisenberg, Kristin Zhivago, Lee Odden, Jamie Notter & more.
  • The Social Business Sessions 2012 with Brian Solis and Olivier Blanchard.
  • Content Marketing Conference 2014 in Antwerp  with Lee Odden, Jay Baer, Doug Kessler, AJ Huisman, Kelly Hungerford, Danny Devriendt & more.
Fhe first Fusion Marketing Experience through the “eyes” of sponsor Square Melon.

The Fusion Marketing Experience difference

How Fusion Marketing Experience events are different from any other event you will ever attend.

Involvement to the max

Attendees get involved and speakers directly engage with them. There is no stage and speakers interact during presentations, master classes, keynotes and informal occasions as you can read below. It’s all about the experience: sharing knowledge and expertise but also connecting in a direct way. No room for ‘ex cathedra’ speeches or ‘guru’ mentalities: we are all people and even the physical set-up of the event is fully designed to augment this philosophy of maximum involvement.

A connected “family” feeling

Each event we organize is preceded by pre-event networking and/or diners with speakers who sometimes don’t know each other and some attendees so speakers can pre-engage. They exchange ideas and get in the mood and mission of the event. This shows at the events themselves where speakers don’t come in and go away but talk with attendees during breaks and stay the whole day. We never accept speakers who come in for their speech, pack and leave again.

An integrated and customer first approach

With the exception of seminars, all events have a customer-centric and holistic view, bringing together several strategic and tactical views. All the events we organized focused on the customer. Even in our single ‘topical’ conference, the Content Marketing Conference 2014, the customer stood at the center.

An ongoing conversation and content platform

Each conference and event we organize fits in a broader story, bringing the customer-centric approach in an ongoing way. Between events this is also done via content, from magazines and paper to video, blog posts and books, we share with attendees. For us, an event is just a moment in time where we bring it together for you – taking into account the latest evolutions but always focusing on the essence.

Fusion Marketing Experience – the why and how

Organizer J-P De Clerck, founder of i-SCOOP and Fusion Marketing Experience, launched and organized several events, congresses, award shows, master classes and seminars throughout his career. As a regular speaker himself at the end of the nineties and early 2000, he wanted to move away from the archaic ‘ex cathedra’ style of most events and combine knowledge, practice, a bottom-up approach and a more “human” event style throughout the events he set up when working for various companies.

In 2010 he decided to take this approach a step further by launching Fusion Marketing Experience where everything is about that human approach. J-P stopped participating in master classes and speaking engagements himself (with the occasional exception) and focused on bringing various speakers together with a narrative behind each event: that of the customer and of direct interaction. It was an approach that charmed attendees but also speakers as several of them returned for later Fusion Marketing Experience events.

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