The Kinepolis Case: moving towards preference-driven marketing

Stefaan Claes
Stefaan Claes

Stefaan Claes is CRM & Digital Marketing Director at the Kinepolis Group. Prior to that, he served as Internet & CRM Manager at GM Benelux, after having worked on the agency side as, among others, Media Director at McCann-Erickson Brussels.

Stefaan and his team at movie theatre group Kinepolis, that is active across several European countries, are moving away from a permission-based to a preference-driven marketing approach with an extremely strong and consistent focus on consumer preferences.

I saw Stefaan present his approach a while back and was amazed by the way Kinepolis makes everything revolve around the consumer and the customer experience.

A very targeted and customer-centric approach, supported with a good use of NPS (Net Promoter Score), lead to results that leave no room for interpretation: building your marketing around the consumer and his preferences works.

At the Fusion Marketing Experience conference 2012 in Antwerp, Stefaan shared how to get it done based on customer preferences gathered via numerous methods and acted upon with cross-channel marketing automation.

Among the methods used to work in preference-driven way: surveying methods, a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), including the use of the Net Promoter Score system (NPS) and social listening.