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Content-marketing-experience-250Content Marketing Experience is a knowledge platform about content marketing and information management, launched by i-SCOOP.  On top of providing papers and resources, Content Marketing Experience organizes events, webinars and trainings for content marketing and content management professionals. 

In our view content marketing is part of an integrated marketing approach, whereby marketing and other business functions and processes get connected, with the customer experience and mutual value creation at the center. Information is the lifeblood of human relationships and the digital economy. Content marketing and content management are part of it.

The Content Marketing Conference

Keynote speakers Jay Baer and Doug Kessler at the Content Marketing Conference 2014
Keynote speakers Jay Baer and Doug Kessler at the Content Marketing Conference 2014

In 2014 we organized our first Content Marketing Conference Europe. Helping organizations succeed with content marketing by creating customer value and business value using content marketing That’s what the Content Marketing Experience Conference 2014 was all about. Customer and customer experience first.

The Content Marketing Experience Conference Europe welcomed marketing executives, customer service managers, content strategists, agencies, brands and C-level executives, who were looking to:

  • Start with content marketing,
  • Improve their content marketing skills and programs,
  • Win the minds and hearts of the customer,
  • Learn everything they need to know to take a stand and make the difference from a customer-centric perspective.

Check out a full overview of the Content Marketing Conference Europe 2014.

Learning more about content marketing

Our Content Marketing Experience Guide is an excellent place for you to start.

Learn everything about content marketing in our online content marketing guide

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A broad range of (connected) topics

Since content marketing (and content management) are evolving umbrella terms we offer a broad range of topics including:

  • Content and copywriting for websites and online media.
  • The intersection of content, social media and search.
  • Connected content marketing strategies.
  • B2B content marketing and demand generation.
  • An overview of evolutions such as content curation, visual content, brand news rooms, etc.
  • Evolutions in the online publishing and media landscape.
  • Content optimization across all channels.
  • The role of paid, owned and earned media.
  • Tests and reviews of “content marketing” tools and platforms.
  • Evolutions and know-how regarding web content management.
  • Etc.

Content Marketing Experience provides various resources so you can stay tuned:

  • “Getting started” and “how to” guides.
  • Content marketing software reviews.
  • Interviews with marketers, practitioners and industry experts.
  • An overview of content marketing research and soon our own research.
  • White papers and eBooks.
  • Online communities, events, webinars and social platforms.
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