Top content marketing experts to watch

It is said that the blog format of ‘top lists’ will be decreasingly popular. That’s possible, althoug people love lists and there are psychological reasons for it. In order to offer you more resources regarding content marketing we made a list with content marketing experts you might want to follow.

Content marketing expert - interview quote

The list is crowdsourced and collaborative so you can mention some of your favorite content marketing experts. Community indeed and isn’t most marketing and content in the end about community one way or the other?

Note: most people we mentioned are from the US. This doesn’t mean there are no great content marketing experts in other regions and countries, well on the contrary! And of course there are thousands of less visible content marketing experts who make their businesses and customers succeed every single day, as our own content marketing expert J-P De Clerck does.

Content marketing experts: some special mentions
Kristina Halvorson - author of Content Strategy for the Web - together with Melissa Rach - source
Kristina Halvorson – (co-)author of Content Strategy for the Web

Check out the list below and add your comments and inspiration sources. As the list will change and grow, here’s an overview of a few content marketing experts – in random order – we like to mention – and we forgot many.

  • Ardath Albee. Ardath Albee is a B2B marketer with lots of content marketing experience and expertise. She also delivers great work regarding buyer-centric content marketing, buying personas, brand positioning and content mapping (don’t forget the ‘middle’ of the buying journey as Ardath says). Content marketing with brains. Here’s an interview with Ardath Albee.
  • Gerry McGovern. Gerry McGovern comes from the Web content and user experience corner and has been hammering on the essential role of the customer experience, intent and customer top tasks in a very consistent way. His ‘Customer Carewords’ approach is simply a must for everyone that does something with content and we all do. Gerry also wrote several great books. Here’s an interview with Gerry McGovern.
  • Lee Odden. We have been preaching a holistic approach in marketing and in the use of content for years. Lee Odden took it much further and wrote Optimize, urging people to have an integrated and buyer-centric approach of SEO, social and content. Lee also looks at marketing optimization and integrated content marketing. Here’s an interview with Lee Odden.
  • Rebecca Lieb. Rebecca Lied does great research and analysis, among others regarding how to effectively integrate the use of content marketing in the organization in practice. Her research at Altimeter is certainly worth the while. A special mention for Michael Brito and Brian Solis in this regard as well. Rebecca also looks at the evolution in the content marketing software industry. Here’s an interview with Rebecca Lieb.
  • John Simmons. Never heard of John Simmons? Do yourself a favor and get books such as ‘We, me, them & it’ or ‘The invisible grail’ now. Learn how to write powerfully for business and use words to engage with audiences now. Also check out his 26 Fruits blog. There are of course oher great sources when it boilds down to writing for business. Read this interview with John Simmons.
  • Bryan Eisenberg. Bryan is one of the absolute pioneers in the field of web content, working with personas, persuasion and marketing optimization on the Web. He’s also the author of several bestsellers with his brother. Together they are also working on storytelling frameworks. Here’s an interview with Bryan.
  • Kristina Halvorson. Kristina wrote an excellent book on content strategy for the Web (note: a content marketing strategy and content strategy are not the same). She continues to do great work in this domain and others at Brain Traffic. Here’s an interview with Kristina.
  • Doug Kessler. Doug is one of the smartest and most witty people in the industry with a no-nonsense approach and very strong viewpoints that always make you think. He’s also an excellent writer. Check out this interview with Doug.
  • Robert Rose. Robert is Chief Strategist at the Content Marketing Institute where he has been doing qite some analysis and research. Robert also has a very good view on technology, customer experiences, content management and other topics that are closely related with content marketing. An interview with Robert.
  • Jay Baer. Jay has a social media and integrated digital marketing background. With his book Youtility, which is about more than content marketing, he urges marketers to focus more on the usefulness of their marketing and content. Here’s an interview with Jay.
  • Joe Pulizzi. Joe also works at the Content Marketing Institute, which he founded, with Robert. He wrote several books on content marketing (also with Robert in some cases) and has a custom publishing background. Here’s an interview with Joe.
  • Bob Boiko. Content strategy, content marketing strategy, etc.: that’s what we all talk about. However, let’s not forget content management. Although his book goes back quite some years now, no one wrote a better and more exhaustive book about content management than Bob Boiko. Period. Special mention here as well: Gerry McGovern (again). Check out this interview with Bob.
  • Brian Clark.The founder of Copyblogger consistently provides great content on blogging, SEO and content marketing with a focus on results. Brian shares a lot and not only on his blog. Obviously there are hundreds of thousands great copywriters, now (a long list) and in the past (David Ogilvy being just a well-known one). From a blogging viewpoint there are many others to mention as well: from Debbie Weil to Shel Israel and far beyond. And here, to wrap this up, is an interview with Brian.
Ardath Albee - from our interview
Ardath Albee – interview quote

There are many more good content marketing experts or people who have done great work in related areas. Content marketing is not an island. We could mention more people but why not build the list yourself? Go ahead and add your favorites below (it’s not a competition). We hope the list serves you to find more great resources about content marketing.

Content marketing experts: your list
Doug Kessler - interview quote
Doug Kessler – interview quote

Finally this, to quote Dutch Content Marketing Conference Europe 2014 speaker Tristan Lavender: who are the most important people you should know to “do” great content marketing?

Indeed: your customers in the broadest and most connected possible sense.