About i-SCOOP

i-SCOOP provides publications, educational resources, training, hands-on consulting and services regarding integrated marketing, digital business, digital transformation and organizational processes.

i-SCOOP further is the organizer of the Fusion Marketing Experience. The company also published numerous books and papers and is behind numerous online and event projects of which several have been sold. On the services and consulting level we prefer to work with customers in B2B, ICT and industrial markets, no matter how big or small. Our motto is simple: make you succeed and prove it.

i-SCOOP has a customer-centric and channel-agnostic approach and has predominantly – but not exclusively – been active in local and international B2B, media and technological markets since over two decades, making us very flexible and able to work in small or larger teams.

i-SCOOP worked for customers such as:

  • Kodak Alaris Information Management (Global + EMEA).
  • BT Global Services (IT services, global, EMEA and Benelux).
  • Microsoft and Microsoft Advertising (Benelux + EMEA).
  • Wunderman (EMEA).
  • Schneider Electric (global)
  • Selligent (marketing automation, global).
  • IRIS (Canon Group, EMEA)
  • SDL Tridion (Benelux).
  • Option International (Global).
  • The Belgian Federal Government (Belgium).
  • The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau, Belgium).
  • Sanoma Publishing (Benelux).
  • Best Of Publishing (IDG affiliate, Belgium).
  • Belgacom (now Proximus, Belgium).
  • Touring (Belgium).
  • StrongMail (US, marketing software – now StrongView).
  • Several small and medium businesses in areas ranging from HVAC equipment and building materials to insurance services and local media.

In the past i-SCOOP also often worked as a subcontractor delivering specialist services for digital agencies and consultancies to help them develop and implement strategies for their customers. Today i-SCOOP delivers these services to companies of all size.

Recent projects include:

  • Training of hundreds of subject matter experts of a global B2B IT services provider.
  • Strategic and digital transformation support of that same company.
  • Setting up an integrated marketing approach with marketing automation and a customer-oriented view.
  • Development of an online global thought leadership platform of a large IT firm.
  • Digital marketing management and transformation of the EMEA activities of that same firm (contractual).