Content Marketing Conference 2014 – the overview

Fusion marketing experience by i-SCOOPHelping organizations succeed with content marketing by creating customer value and business value using content marketing. That’s what the Content Marketing Experience Conference 2014 was all about. Organized in Antwerp (Belgium) by i-SCOOP’s Fusion Marketing Experience, the Content Marketing Experience Conference was the ‘place to be’ for everyone interested in an integrated content marketing and management approach.

The keynotes

Jay Baer: Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help Not Hype

Keynote speaker Jay Baer
Jay Baer

Jay Baer’s presentation “Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help Not Hype” delivered a new approach that cuts through the clutter: marketing that is truly, inherently useful. If you sell something, you make a customer today, but if you genuinely help someone, you create a customer for life.

Youtility: Jay Baer on usefulness and true customer value

Lee Odden: Attract, Engage, Convert – How to Be the Best Answer Wherever Customers Are Looking

Lee Odden100
Lee Odden

Lee Odden’s presentation “Attract, Engage, Convert – How to Be the Best Answer Wherever Customers Are Looking” presents a compelling and effective approach for content marketing to win the hearts, minds and wallets of your customers.

Lee Odden: integrate to be the best answer

Mike Corak: “Topics, not Keywords: How to Make Content Work for Brands with Google Hummingbird”

Keynote speaker Mike Corak
Mike Corak

Mike Corak’s presentation, “Topics, not Keywords: How to Make Content Work for Brands with Google Hummingbird” provided valuable insight as search engines move away from keywords and into semantics to find the best answer for a users’ inquiry.

Mike Corak: topics, not keywords: how to make content work for brands

Doug Kessler: Taking a Stand: Content Marketing as Evangelism

Doug Kessler
Doug Kessler

Doug Kessler wants brands to take a stand. Everyone says content marketing is not about selling but they’re wrong, Doug says. It’s always about selling something critical: your world view and your position on the critical issues that shape your market.

Doug Kessler: taking a stand – content marketing as evangelism

Danny Devriendt: The Horse’s Ass: how social becomes a currency

Danny Devriendt
Danny Devriendt

Social media, real time marketing and content marketing became the new normal. Classical push advertising evolves. Content is what shapes the opinion people have. It’s what they remember.

Danny Devriendt: stories and how social becomes a currency

Other speakers included:

Check them and their views

The Copernican content marketing revolution eBook made with keynote speaker Lee Odden’s TopRank team

Check out the video interviews of 3 keynote speakers at the event.

Doug Kessler

Doug Kessler, one of the best content marketing experts you’ll find shares some great messages after his keynote in this interview by our collaborator for the event, award-winning copywriter Jelle Annaars. Doug Kessler on how content marketing goes mainstream, homerun content, the key role of confidence, (the changing role of) personas and content marketing ROI (including the need to use attribution modeling).

Lee Odden

Lee Odden gets interviewed on his keynote about how to be the best answer wherever customers are looking for answers to their problems. It’s a customer-centric view starting close to the needs of the customers. Lee also talks about what content really is and how it is related with experiences and outcomes. Emotions and storytelling are key in it. Finally, Lee shares his views on modular content.

Jay Baer

In this third interview, Jelle asks keynote Jay Baer more about the concept of Youtility, also the title of Jay’s book and illustrated with examples during his keynote. Youtility is marketing people love and most marketing just isn’t that, it’s rather “meh”. So, how do you create Youtility? Start with really understanding what customers want, talk to them, go out and really truly understand the core need (why do people need socks?). Jay also talks about atomizing content, essentially taking a big idea and turning it into many smaller executions. More possibilities to interact and to respond to customer needs as the “content marketing as responding questions” example of Marcus Sheridan, who wrote the foreword of Jay’s Youtility book, shows.

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