List of the best content marketing blogs in the world

Content marketing is here to stay (and it has always been here) and an increasing number of people blog about it. That’s where this list comes in. People have a thing with lists. And so does Nick Kellet, who runs social list platform Listly. Nick was kind enough to mention our “best content marketing blog list” in the #bufferchat on December 17, 2014, so here it is.

As our aim is to help you improve business value by improving customer value through content marketing, among others with our Content Marketing Experience platform we hope that pointing you to as many content marketing resources, enables you to achieve thise goals. That’s why we created this list of content marketing blogs and also a list of content marketing experts to watch. Time to add your favorite ones so everyone can benefit. After all, this is the age of the collaboration economy. Hopefully it helps but please do help too!


The crowdsourced list of best content marketing blogs: how can you help

You’ll notice some blogs talk about content marketing but also about related topics. Content marketing is not an island. This way we hope to restore this tradition that was launched by the Content Marketing Institute and stopped in 2011. Since then dozens, if not hundreds of content marketing blogs have been launched and a few also disappeared or become less active.

  • If we all build this list, everyone can benefit from it. Furthermore, you can build your ultimate content marketing source by grabbing the RSS feeds of all your favorite blogs in the crowd sourced list.
  • For bloggers, there are many befits in adding their blogs as well. I guess I don’t have to explain them: get some juicy link love, be discovered and feel proud of the content you create (you should be).

How can you add content marketing blogs and resources? We started the content marketing blog list with social list content curation tool Contributing is easy. Just check out the list below and cast your vote for your favorites and, most of all, add more content marketing blogs and resources (signing up is free and easy). Hoping to be of service. The blogs are displayed in random order.