5 steps for an impactful content marketing strategy

Engagement and the path of a content marketing strategy – see SlideShare below

Engagement and the path of a content marketing strategy – see SlideShare below

How do you make the difference and get noticed in a world full of content? For starters by focusing on what matters : mutual value, goals, ‘audiences’ or let’s just say people. Of course that alone is not enough. As Doug Kessler rightfully emphasizes, you need to take a stand as a brand and voice it.

At the same time, you need to focus on what your target audiences (sorry for the classic marketing ‘war’ language) really value, like etc. as explained in the “Copernican content marketing” view. In practice, that often means steering away from “me too” content and really taking a micro-approach, tailored for very specific situations and experiences.

Your business is not the same as another one. And each customer/person is different as well.

And, let’s face it: on top of the customer-centric champions, organizations are are in a good starting position to make a difference if they also focus on:

  1. the necessary creativity (innovate, don’t follow or copy)
  2. a conversational mindset (think of content as a point of interaction, a conversation, even if it’s a silent one)
  3. a good integrated marketing approach (customer/brand/user/searcher/whatnot experiences!)
  4. a profound know-how of your customers and “stuff” (content marketing skills being one)
  5. go beyond the plain marketing message
  6. usefulness and true customer value as Jay Baer says

And then there of course is the strategic part – or to make it more tangible and less “heavy” the “plan”.

Kelly Hungerford Paper.li If the word content marketing strategy freaks you out, swap it for the word plan – read the interview

Kelly Hungerford (Paper.li): if the word content marketing strategy freaks you out, swap it for the word plan

What is the goal of such a content marketing strategy? It’s knowing the why, who, when, where and how. In a SlideShare presentation Arabella Santiago, until recently Marketing and Communications Director at Scoop.it, calls the goal engagement.

I know: some people don’t like that term. Yet, engagement is crucial and, in the end, is measured by the outcomes (whatever they might be for you). Engagement is really ultimately about driving to action and desired outcomes and a very good way to get there is by focusing on the enablement of desired outcomes and intentions from the perspective of your ‘audiences’. Mutual value.

We covered content marketing strategy several times already but it’s always nice to share how others look at it as there is no single best approach, right? So, here goes.

Arabella Santiago

Arabella Santiago – formerly at Scoop.itsource: Twitter

The 5 content marketing steps according to Arabella Santiago:

  1. Take the marketing out of your content marketing strategy.
  2. Produce good content. The deck looks at what good content is (and you know it: it’s good if it works).
  3. Add content curation to your content strategy (OK, that was obvious given the activity of Scoop.it but, still, the possible usage scenarios and benefits are well explained, as are the evolutions).
  4. Generate new ideas, iterate and take ‘lean content’ into account.
  5. Empower your community of interests.

Of course, there’s more in 70 slides than just these 5 summarized steps. Check the presentation out below to learn more about each of them and let us know what you think.

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