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Bizheroes on customer-centricity

Customer-centricity – to the invisible and the rebels

Is there a difference between customer-centricity and customer focus? Yes, there is. But then again, is there really? It depends as always. To discover why it depends and most of all what matters, along...
Kelly Hungerford at our Content Marketing Conference

Great content marketing lessons from Kelly Hungerford

Kelly Hungerford is community manager, evangelist and responsible for content operations at content curation company Paper.li. Kelly, who was a speaker at our Content Marketing Conference Europe 2014 in Antwerp, has an integrated view...
Storytelling concept

The art of storytelling in 7 content marketing context questions

Storytelling and content marketing go hand in hand. Yet, the art of storytelling stretches further than the narrative in any form of content. Do brands create stories? Do stories create brands? Or is the power...