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Happy New Year 2015 from i-SCOOP

2015: people-centric wishes, predictions and top lists

The end of a year and - amazing coincidence - the beginning of a new year for many is a time to look back and feel a mix of joy, regrets, pain, gratitude and...
Doug Kessler at the Content Marketing Conference Europe in Antwerp – with a clear message – picture source

Doug Kessler: content marketing as evangelism

Everyone says content marketing is not about selling. They’re wrong, Doug Kessler says. Doug is Creative Director and co-founder of UK-based Velocity Partners, a B2B marketing agency with a strong focus on content strategy....
Bryan Eisenberg at one of our events

The conversion trinity: lessons for content marketers

Marketing optimization expert Bryan Eisenberg often refers to what he calls the “Holy Trinity of Conversion Optimization". When going through one of the presentations Bryan gave at an edition of our Fusion Marketing Experience...