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Dave Chaffey at one of our events

The state of digital marketing optimization 2015 – challenges and solutions

The opportunity to continually test and refine digital marketing is often cited as one of the main advantages of “new media” over “traditional media”. The conversation amongst digital marketing thought-leaders is generally sophisticated on...
Dave Chaffey at the i-SCOOP Fusion Marketing Experience Brussels 2011

Is the time right for Social Media Optimization?

In this guest post, Dave Chaffey , speaker at i-SCOOP's first two Fusion Marketing Experience conferences, looks at the core of social media optimization (well, as a European I should say optimisation like Dave...

Dave Chaffey: content key opportunity in digital marketing strategy

In our conferences we love to look at marketing from an integrated and customer-centric perspective. Digital marketing pioneer and success author Dave Chaffey, also founder of SmartInsights.com, has such an integrated perspective. At one of...