Welcome to the Social Marketing Forum

All good marketing and business is social and collaborative, regardless of goals, tactics and channels. Marketing and business are about connected people. A truly holistic and customer-centric approach is a must.  It’s the core message of the Social Marketing Forum community, launched and powered by i-SCOOP.

Started as a successfull platform with a LinkedIn Group, blog and several community and partnership initiatives (Social Marketing Forum, for instance, was the first partner of the European version of the Chief Content Officer magazine by the Content Marketing Institute).

Social Marketing Forum

As we are consolidating all our websites and activities in an age where everything is connected, in marketing and business, and organizations (finally) start to connect the dots, leading to digital transformations across various functions, silos and departments, the Social Marketing Forum blog ceases to exist.

However, all blogs will be integrated here (many already are) and, the LinkedIn community, is alive and kicking with almost 4,000 members, including the i-SCOOP team.

We invite you to join the Social Marketing Forum community in LinkedIn here.

Looking for information on social media marketing or social business? Below are a few good pages to start.