The customer has a voice: your business is the audience

The significantly grown attention for “content marketing” and the “brands as publishers” and storytelling narrative has made marketers look at their customers, prospects, etc. as “audiences”. It’s time to look at our businesses as audiences. Target groups, segments, followers, subscribers, fans, suspects and prospects: we had our fair share of terms to describe people of […]

Content and conversion: 8 recurring landing page mistakes to avoid

’8 landing page bloopers’ is a paper/presentation by landing page specialist Ion Interactive (see below), outlining some of the most common and ignored mistakes made with landing pages. In the end, many content marketing goals are about conversion and include landing pages. We covered the paper before somewhere else and originally it contained 7 landing […]

The present and future of content management

Content management is changing fast in a more customer- and business-oriented context. An overview of the trends in content management, Big Data and intelligent information management with John Mancini, leader of the AIIM global community of information professionals. Last year AIIM published a paper with Kodak Alaris (one of our customers, registration required) on Intelligent […]