B2B content marketing challenges: where is the value?

Forrester has been working on a content marketing maturity assessment model and recently announced the results (read more about the value of content marketing maturity models), along with some findings regarding B2B content marketing. We’ll start with those first. In a blog post, Laura Ramos writes that most B2B marketers are not as mature as […]

I measure my success by the things I own: global trends 2014

“I measure my success by the things I own”. Or in other words: I need to be able to buy – and thus earn or get – a lot in order to feel successful. It’s one of many questions/statements (over 200 in total) asked for the “Ipsos Global Trends 2014: Navigating the new” report. While […]

Content marketing strategy beyond the first degree(s): value chains

Each successful content marketing strategy is a social and connected content marketing strategy by definition. I’m not just talking about the areas where social media marketing and even social business overlap with content marketing. I’m even not just talking about the need to work with audiences of audiences in an era where everything is (getting) […]