Content marketing: a customer-centric manifesto

Content marketing is not an island. It is part of a bigger picture, aiming to create business value by creating customer value. It takes a customer-centric and integrated approach to succeed in content marketing. We like to call it the Copernican view. Creating business value through creating customer value using content marketing – and putting the customer experience at the centre. A customer-centric content marketing manifesto.

Customer-centric content marketing manifesto by i-SCOOP

Value can be defined in many ways: from financial value for the business to tangible value for the customer, great customer experiences and moments of entertainment customers seek/love/value. We also define the customer in a broad sense: your employees, the customers of your customer and everyone in the ecosystems and networks of your brand, buyers and even of your content and media can be seen as a customer – or treated as one.

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Digital transformation and the CMO: an innovative CIO partnership

CIOIn a previous blog post on the changes in (digital) marketing budget allocation, I mentioned how the CMO and other managers and executives will have to learn more about technology and the social and digital tools their customers and employees increasingly use.

The truth is that this is just the beginning: in the third platform area of digital transformation, the skillset regarding technology, data and so-called disruptive digital technologies will have to become part of the corporate culture.

The CMO and CIO are allies in this evolution. And although we talk a lot about the gap between the CMO and the CIO, the truth is that this gap is often exaggerated and closing. In many organizations the gap between sales and marketing is bigger than that between the CMO and CIO or marketing and IT. [Read more…]