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Content marketing success in 7 steps

 Discover 7 steps to content marketing success and a second 7-step plan, to get started with content marketing, including frameworks and additional resources.

7 steps to content marketing success by i-SCOOP

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The Internet of Things: impact on marketing

The Internet of Things is affecting virtual all industries, has a tremendous impact on the volume of data and on network traffic (and how we handle them) and is increasingly popular in a consumer context.

The Internet of Things is also revolutionizing business operations that are maybe less attractive for consumers but very real and tangible, from logistics to marketing.

Marketing automation vendor Marketo released a new infographic on the marketing power of the Internet of Things based on data from Economist Insights, Gartner, Salesforce and Verizon Enterprise.. The “subtitle” already says where that power – and impact – can, is and will be felt: connectivity for better customer interactivity (among others).

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