Training services

i-SCOOP offers several digital marketing and business training services with a hands-on and ‘integrated’ approach. Although we provide general trainings, tailor-made workshops for your subject matter experts, executives and collaborators work best as they put the practice of your business and customers first.

The focus of our training services: empowerment by providing tangible insights and skills to improve digital and connected marketing, sales and business efficiency, develop roadmaps and execute. Improve your digital marketing and connected business processes and skills now with our hands-on trainings, workshops & educational resources.

6 types of training:

  1. Public workshops & seminars on various digital marketing and business topics.
  2. In-company and tailor-made strategic and tactical training sessions.
  3. Strategic in-company sessions following our clear roadmap definition methodology (CGRD – see below).
  4. Regular and predefined topical workshops and master classes for small teams of executives: strategies, tactics, tools and more.
  5. Online & offline training including video, webinars and eBooks on various topics.
  6. Train the trainer programs: identify your digital marketing and business champions, educate and empower them, and let them be your internal trainers and experts.


Customer Testimonial: BT Global Services
“i-SCOOP trained the BT consultants on social business and content marketing. The hands-on approach, going straight to the essence, combined with a deep insight into our business needs and an integrated approach, really was highly appreciated. We have decided to hire i-SCOOP again to further explore topics such as social media, social business, lead management, reputation management, blogging and ROI on a global scale”. Gregoire de Clercq, Global Social Media Director BT Global Services

CGRD training and roadmap definition methodology:

The CGRD methodology (Collaborative Guided Roadmap Definition) is developed and tested with customers, and provides an immersive experience that fits your needs and is not about tools, hype or opinions. The CGRD workshops start from your business goals, are interactive, look at Key Performance Indicators and end with an actionable roadmap to get where you want. It’s a combination of training and consultancy, in collaboration with your stakeholders and teams, leading to immediate strategic roadmap definitions.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of digital marketing and business trainings you can follow:

  • Setting up social business projects.
  • Social media marketing strategy development.
  • Content marketing in context: using content for customer service and marketing purposes.
  • A customer-centric and connected/integrated search engine optimization approach.
  • Integrated social media marketing for different goals: event marketing, HRM, lead generation, etc.
  • Setting up and managing voice-of-the-customer programs.
  • Introduction to marketing automation and advanced sessions on marketing automation strategy.
  • A structured approach to marketing optimization.
  • Social media marketing in B2B.
  • Community building and management.
  • Lead generation and nurturing.