Your customer is on a journey. Is that journey aligned with what you offer across each and every step until the destination is reached and how do you make sure the customer doesn’t pick another path?

There are no guarantees but there are certainly many ways to improve how you facilitate the interactions, customer experiences, content needs and much more of the customer in a context of ubiquitous optimization.

Understanding the unique journey of your customer by listening, gathering feedback, measuring and looking at the efficiency and relevance of each step within it, is essential.

Satmetrix, vendor of the Satmetrix NPX Customer Experience Software Platform, co-trademark holder of NPS and known for its annual Net Promoter Industry Benchmarks (UK and US), made a nice infographic looking at some key elements to take into account regarding the customer journey.

Five customer journey milestones

And it indeed starts with listening and understanding. Of course the knowledge gained by listening alone is not enough. You also need to act (and measure).

The infographic shows five milestones on the path to business growth. Focusing on a closed loop model, the first step, understanding is about more than listening to your customers in the strict sense.

It’s also about understanding which channels they use to interact with you, understanding what they try to accomplish (intent) but also understanding the impact of your “internal” customers on your “external” customers. In other words: how does each department (and maybe even individual?) impact each of the different parts of the customer journey.

From selection, onboarding and renewing or leaving: each customer journey is unique and optimizing the customer experience at each stage of that journey is key. More in the infographic.

Customer journey infographic by Satmetrix
Customer journey infographic by Satmetrix

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