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IoT data exchange concept

IoT data exchanges, brokerage and monetization services: the next IoT evolution

Why and how the next, rapidly developing, stage in the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) is all about IoT data brokerage, exchanges and monetization services. Data isn't just a business asset which is...
IoT data concept

IoT hardware business models: towards Hardware-as-a-Service and IoT data ecosystems

Samsung's ARTIK Cloud Monetization service enables IoT device manufacturers and service providers to tap in new ecosystem-driven IoT data monetization models. Developing new monetization models and revenue sources with potential innovative business model shifts is...

Digital signage: strong growth ahead with ever more applications

Digital signage is part of many of the most used Internet of Things use cases. It is, for instance getting 'hot' in retail where digital signage can be used for many goals such as...