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The cloud

SaaS remains a key driver of growth in the CRM market

For the past four years, the ‘Software as a Service’ or SaaS model (one of the "layers" of the cloud computing model, along with, for instance PaaS or Platform as a Service, IaaS or...

Implementing CRM projects: the role of external stakeholders

The implementation of a CRM project generally requires the intervention of several internal and external resources, including consultants, vendors, integrators, your IT team, marketing, etc. Of course how many parties are involved depends from many...
Supportforce - integrated customer service

Salesforce.com goes contact center and help desk with Supportforce

In the ongoing integration between contact center solutions and CRM in a multi-channel world it was to be expected: cloud pioneer Salesforce.com just launched Supportforce.com. Most analysts were waiting for the announcement which is fully...