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Customer life cycle and CLV

Understanding the customer life cycle and calculating customer lifetime value (CLV)

The customer life cyle and models to calculate the customer lifetime value (CLV). The customer life cycle comes from the practice of CRM where it's traditionally used to map the different stages a customer goes...

Social media ROI and measurement: questions you should ask

ROI stands for Return on Investment. Period. If we talk about Social Media ROI in this post, we mean the return on investment of the business (predominantly marketing) investments in social channels, networks, strategies...
Gianfranco Cuzziol - right - at one of i-SCOOP's events

A (good) data-driven business is a customer-centric business

The days when marketers could make decisions solely based on intuition or gut feeling are over. Nowadays, they must measure everything that matters from the perspective of return and certainly the perspective of the...