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IoT platforrm visualization concept

Choosing the best edge platform – IoT edge platform selection criteria and advice

Selection and decision criteria to get the best IoT platform or IoT-enabled business/industry edge platform for your current and future needs as edge capabilities become more important across industries and IoT use cases. Edge computing...
Device management services device provisioning software and firmware updates and device monitoring revenues 2023

The edge of IoT: commoditization and market dynamics in device management services

Customers see IoT device management as part of the solutions they seek to deploy. This contributes to commoditization of IoT device management services with more competition and partnerships between vendors in the broader IoT...
Digital twin asset maintenance concept

Digital twin initiatives on the rise in 2018 – findings and best practices

Although the concept of digital twins isn't new and exists since before the term digital twin was coined at the start of this Millennium, it took until this decade before digital twin technology, the...