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Quantifying the cost of inefficiency in your content production process

Content production challenges and a note on marketing content

In March and April 2015, content marketing software vendor Kapost (now turned marketing content software vendor, there is a tiny difference, more on that evolution below) and Gleanster conducted an online survey of 3,048...
David Raab

Consolidation in the marketing automation space: what about content?

The consolidation in the marketing automation industry keeps shaking up the market. After last year’s series of acquisitions, the latest move is Salesforce.com’s pending acquisition of B2C marketing automation vendor ExactTarget, and at the...
The HubSpot content marketing machine

Creating the perfect content machine for your business

Everyone seems to want to create a perfect content marketing or content machine nowadays. At least if you look at the titles of many recent blog posts and eBooks. Personally we believe it’s better...