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Data-driven content marketing rocks

Data-driven content marketing rocks, Eric Ingrand says. In a workshop filled with best practices and cool case studies, Eric and Gianfranco Cuzziol will cover how data analytics can help content marketers build a sharp...
What is eCRM

Good eCRM puts the customer at the centre of the universe

Gianfranco Cuzziol's fascination is the cross-channel journey of today’s consumer. He works with clients to help them leverage the points of impact along that consumer journey. He’s been described as a “conversation manager”. Gianfranco, who...

The new reality of eCRM

A degree in Astrophysics wouldn’t normally lead one to a career in digital marketing, but that unlikely path is the one which Gianfranco Cuzziol has walked. eCRM specialist Gianfranco is fascinated with the cross-channel...