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What is eCRM

Good eCRM puts the customer at the centre of the universe

Gianfranco Cuzziol's fascination is the cross-channel journey of today’s consumer. He works with clients to help them leverage the points of impact along that consumer journey. He’s been described as a “conversation manager”. Gianfranco, who...
Koen De Witte

The 3 crucial elements of a successful CRM or SFA system

In a previous post I explained why B2B CRM systems are not the best friend of sales teams, according to Leadfabric's Koen De Witte. In this post a look at how Koen thinks B2B...

The state of email marketing and CRM in Belgium

In its recently published e-business study Ghent-based research firm InSites Consulting found that the usage of email marketing and CRM in Belgium is on the rise. A closer look at some of the findings. Belgian...