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Happy New Year 2015 from i-SCOOP

2015: people-centric wishes, predictions and top lists

The end of a year and - amazing coincidence - the beginning of a new year for many is a time to look back and feel a mix of joy, regrets, pain, gratitude and...
Lee Odden at the i-SCOOP Fusion Marketing Experience in 2012 – picture by Remy Bergsma

Customer-centric content marketing: Lee Odden weighs in

Lee Odden was one of the keynote speakers at i-SCOOP's Content Marketing Conference in 2014 in Antwerp . Attendees of previous events might remember that Lee joined us at another event where we looked...
Optimized content buckets via Search Engine Watch

Customer experience and digital content optimization lessons

What is easier? Optimizing customer experiences and conversion rates or increasing reach and awareness? What is more effective? Conversion and content optimization or driving traffic? Truth is the mix often is entirely wrong and...