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MachNation AEP ScoreCard compares application enablement platforms, sees strong growth

MachNation's 2018 IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP) ScoreCard compares 21 major IoT platforms, offering advice for buyers. The company also forecasts strong revenue growth for IoT platforms in 2018 and beyond. With a 89...

The business and power reality behind customer experience transformation

Being utterly customer-centric and putting customer (experience) first is a ‘must’ (and always should have been) and a mantra for all organizations. It’s even a core reason why organizations digitally transform. At least, so...
Cloud computing

Consumer choice is the silver lining of cloud computing

The recent launch of Amazon’s cloud player (upload your MP3s and listen anywhere) has brought the cloud computing concept front and center for the general public. Up until now most of the discussion has...