This week Brian Carroll posted an interesting mind map of what multi-modal lead nurturing looks like on his B2B Lead Generation Blog.

Carroll writes that ‘to be successful, lead nurturing marketers need to leverage a multi-modal portfolio of channels’. This is especially the case in complex sales situations.

In case you wonder why you need to do that, the answer is simple yet has significant consequences that we forget too often: lead nurturing is requiring more channels, types of content (so-called content marketing) and devices than ever before.

The underlying reasons is that these days we don’t sell to customers like we used to anymore, simple because they buy from us. Remember the pull customer who decides when, how and where he will look for information or interaction (and transaction) possibilities throughout his journey.

Moving above and beyond single channels

So it’s quite obvious that in this digital era, where customers are more ‘invisible’ in a face-to-face sense and very visible in a “digital footprints” sense; and where many moments and elements throughout the buying journey have moved online, we need to think in terms of the customer first. Well, we always should put the customer first but with the pull customer who has a voice and growing expectations and “control”, this is simply becoming a must.

Nurturing channels and the content the use - Brian Carroll
Lead nurturing and content channels and formats to consider – Brian Carroll

And that goes above and beyond single channels like email, as Carroll writes, and as we mentioned at several occasion on this blog. It also goes above and beyond isolated campaign views as should be obvious in a demand generation and lead nurturing context.

It involves every channel and everyone in your company, of course in the first place sales, that has contact with your customers one way or another, but also marketing, customer service, the contact center and anyone that adds to the overall customer experience, before, during and after the generation and nurturing of leads.

You can read Brian’s post here where you can also download his mind map (PDF).