London 2012 ruled on Twitter – source BT
London 2012 ruled on Twitter – source BT

The London 2012 Olympics are over but more data are popping up, showing the social and digital dimension of the Games. Several media and blogs already looked at Twitter stats and other numbers but what about the peaks and the actual data traffic? In a blog post, BT shares a few numbers.

As the company took care of the infrastructure, you won’t find them anywhere else.

A few impressive digital London 2012 stats:

  • Each second 6Gb data per second was shared across BT’s network. That’s the equivalent of 3,000 photos.
  • The London 2012 website got 430 million visits with a peak of 55,000 views per second.
  • It took 1 million man-hours to deliver communication infrastructure for London 2012.
  • During the men’s 100m final, a whopping 2,360 tweets per second were sent.
  • On one single day more tweets were sent than during the whole games in Bejing.

Check out the infographic here. London 2012 was clearly dubbed the Social Media Olympics for a reason.