Integrated building automation and IoT for a superior hotel guest experience

The Internet of Things, integrated smart building automation and building management technologies change the ways smart buildings are designed, regardless of size, purpose or future purpose.

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In this smart building case the possibilities are clearly shown. A developer started an innovation project to turn a building into twelve apartments in Paris with all the comfort and control that modern tenants want, while making energy efficiency possible with light control, room control and far more.

Yet, the scope of the project changed and the building became a hotel instead that stands out by leveraging those same technologies with an important additional twist. A partnership between Schneider Electric, a business partner of the awarded EcoXpert channel program and a provider of a digital concierge solution was instrumental in making the project a success.

Complex technologies powering an easy to use iPad application for all guests

Guests who enter one of the twelve suites at the 4-Star luxury hotel Goralska Résidences in Paris are in for a treat that offers them the comfort, choice, control and convenience which makes their experience stand out.

On top of magnificent views and a signature intimate feeling all the suites offer a state-of-the art digital light and room control solution, embedded in a building management system (BMS) and in combination with a wealth of information and concierge services.

Light and room control via an e-concierge app - more in the video below or on YouTube
Light and room control via an e-concierge app – more on YouTube

Each suite at Goralska Résidences is equipped with an iPad that serves as the guest’s services and comfort control hub with an intuitive application. Keeping the importance of ease of use in mind the application was designed to wow the modern ‘connected’ guest and the less digital-savvy alike.

When hotel guest comfort levels and hotel management benefits go up

Connected with the guest cloud computing application, the integrated building automation system which is realized by certified EcoXpert light and room control (L&RC) partner Soliled, aggregates complex and advanced features.

IoT and smart building automation boost guest experience while enabling hotel management to focus on service and achieve additional benefits such as energy savings

These go beyond typical L&RC functions with each single suite having its own mini-system that serves as a building management solution, designed for smaller buildings.

From a guest perspective the Goralska Résidences story is one of superior customer service. Virtual concierge services, information services and an advanced ability to control lighting, room temperature, blinds, air conditioning, fans, music and more within one single app is exceptional for hotels. Many guests have been surprised by the level of technology-driven luxury the solution adds to their unforgettable stay in in the historic and trendy district of Paris Bastille.

Guest customer experience and an unforgettable stay are also the priority of the hotel management.

Moreover, energy savings, enhanced maintenance services with alerts from the connected suite information system and time savings to engage and service customers even better are essential benefits too.

Agility at the service of developers and building owners

Schneider Electrics’ certified L&RC EcoXpert Partner Soliled accomplished an innovative solution with a focus on versatility and value from the building owner’s perspective as well.

The purpose of smaller buildings and larger buildings alike can change over time. As mentioned, originally the plan of the developer was to redesign and modernize the building for twelve apartments. After the building automation project had started, the developer decided to turn the building in a hotel with twelve suites.

In the meantime each future suite was equipped with its own advanced building control elements, including a homeLYnk web server per room. To adapt to the changed requirements and building further upon the KNX protocol, a KNX backbone was created to connect the room systems and information to the front desk.

Advanced integrated building automation and connected technologies to boost guest experience in a unique setting - picture courtesy and copyright goralskaresidences
Advanced integrated building automation and connected technologies to boost guest experience in a unique setting – picture courtesy and copyright

Innovate in the now, build for the future 

Today the solution that system integrator and EcoXpert program partner Soliled created in collaboration with Schneider Electric and Hotelcloud, connects the KNX backbone with an IP backbone for WiFi, the HotelCloud e-concierge platform and audio streaming.

While this advanced solution and its complexity is invisible for guests who enjoy their stay in Goralska Résidences, the facility owners have a future-proof smart solution that will offer the same benefits, energy savings and degree of comfort and convenience, regardless of any possible future purpose of the building.

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