Can you still imagine a world or business without Internet? Almost impossible, isn’t it? Especially young people often wondered how their parents managed things without Internet over a decade ago. Shopping, research, communication, these days it all happens online. created an infographic, ‘The Internet, A Decade Later’, showing the change of the internet the past 10 years. Some numbers are really astonishing. Did you know that just a decade ago the average download time of a webpage was 16 seconds (!) and today only 6 seconds? And even back then was downloading music quite popular, but it took 12,5 minutes on a 56k modem, today only 18 seconds!

Microsoft Internet Explorers’ market share today is dramatic, in one decade it dropped from 95% to 39%. Other leading players in the web browser field now are Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Most impressive how ever, are the numbers about the Internet usage. The number of users grew from 569 million to 2,27 billion today in just a decade, representing 33% of the world population.

More in the infographic below:

10 years internet