Gian FulgoniOn 2 and 3 June, Barcelona is the place to be for European interactive marketers. The industry will gather then for a new edition of IAB Europe’s Interact Congress.

One of the speakers is Gian Fulgoni, Chairman and Co-Founder of comScore who will kick start the third panel session of Day 2 entitled ‘The proof for branding online: How are we measuring it? What are we measuring?’ using data unique to the Interact Congress to show where branding online can be effective.

comScore’s extensive work in this area, both in the US and, more recently, in Europe shows that online advertising has a latent effect – just like traditional advertising, so it is important to measure people’s response over time to see just how they respond based on how many ad impressions they receive.

No relationship between click rates and ad effectiveness

comScore measured the lift in visits to the website of the advertised brand during an online campaign tracked over a four week period. What this showed is the uplift in visits is gradual and cumulative – and therefore “the click is the last thing an advertiser should be using to
measure advertising effectiveness. In fact, there is no relationship between click rates and ad effectiveness.”

Gian will share a comparison in Barcelona of campaigns using only display, and those using video to show the huge impact video can make to campaign effectiveness – in one case uplifts of up to 180%.

comScore research has also shown that consumers’ response to display ads grows with an increase in the number of ad impressions. “The implication is that websites are running too many display ads on a page and people don’t notice them through the clutter. For advertisers this means choosing sites where a display ad is prominent to make the maximum impact” Gian concludes.

The findings will be debated by Gian at the Interact Congress with the other panellists from Microsoft Advertising, Mindshare, Gemius and EyeWonder.