Content personalization key to success – source
Content personalization key to success – source

What’s the future of content and content marketing? The good people at Content Crossroads created an infographic ‘offering a quick glimpse into the past, present and future of content’. In the announcing blog post, Content Crossroads writes “what worked today will not, tomorrow”. However, what will continue to work and what not?

As always the answer depends. If we look at the past, for instance, we see that press releases and website content belong to that category. This doesn’t mean Content Crossroads claims website content and press releases don’t or won’t work anymore.

Press releases, for instance, can still be very effective if they take into account the needs of their different target audiences, in this case bloggers and journalists on one hand and their audiences on the other. It’s clear that corporate speak and dull press releases about meaningless announcements don’t work as they used to. Except to those sending them out and those that DO want them. Because not every journalist is the same so it’s important to know who you address.

Nevertheless, as a general rule press releases need to be more narrative, less company-centric and more social in all senses of the word.

The essential role of website content: it’s not in the past

The future of content definitely includes website content. People do still use search engines and other channels to visit corporate websites to inform themselves, request information, buy, etc.

Website content is essential and it will remain like that for quite some time. Furthermore, people taking the trouble to visit your website, sometimes even to buy, DESERVE excellent website content, providing a good experience, removing the obstacles and thus improving conversion. Every word and image deserves attention.

Check out the infographic below to see what Content Crossroads ranks among the present and future of content in online marketing. One thing is for sure: diversity continues to grow as Content Crossroads says.And so does the need to integrate and be customer-centric, depending on your content marketing goals.

So, what is the future of content? Everything that serves needs and goals, and simply works in an integrated and customer-centric marketing and sales and service approach, with intent and goals at the center of it all. I admit, it’s an easy answer but we so often forget it.

Need some more thoughts on the future of content and trends in content (marketing)? Well, below are some evolutions I absolutely agree with as mentioned in the infographic:

  • The essential role of personalized content.
  • Mobile will certainly influence the future of content in all possible dimensions (form, format, localizaton, you name it).
  • Integration of CMS, marketing automation and web experience management systems. I would also add social management systems and CRM (profile-based = personalized content).

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Infographic by Content Crossroads - Content Diversity in Online Marketing - full version here
Infographic by Content Crossroads – Content Diversity in Online Marketing – full version here