Many businesses see the use of ‘multichannel customer intelligence’, also called CRM 2.0, but are not yet able to implement it. CRM 2.0 is basically combining online and offline data to get a more complete picture of your customer.

The biggest hurdle seems to be the actual linking of offline customer data with online customer data to get a single customer view.

That’s what we read in a PDF document that software company Speed-Trap published on its website and in which the company analyses a survey by Econsultancy on attitudes and progress in implementing CRM 2.0.

According to that survey only 16% of the companies integrate online and offline marketing, only 13% take actions based on the customer behavior and only 11% use a ‘cross channel’ approach.

The good news is that it SEEMS that the surveyed companies do not lack the will to implement CRM 2.0 since 34% of them claim that they put the customer first when making strategic decisions. Let’s hope it’s more than just paying lip service this time.

Most of them also see the advantages of Customer Engagement.

As many as 68% indicated that information about the behavior of their prospects and customers would be an added value to their company but then again only 45% is currently actually able to collect this data.

The more companies know about a customer, the more targeted their marketing and sales activities can be, even if having the right data and taking decisions to improve customer experiences are two different things. So there is still a lot of work to do.

You can download the Speed-Trap paper here.