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The role and challenges of business process automation and digitization

In 2014 I was at the CeBIT tradeshow in Germany and stopped by the Social Business Arena where SAP's Sameer Patel was about to give a presentation. When introducing Sameer and the topic he would...

The business and power reality behind customer experience transformation

Being utterly customer-centric and putting customer (experience) first is a ‘must’ (and always should have been) and a mantra for all organizations. It’s even a core reason why organizations digitally transform. At least, so...
Sameer Patel on digitization and digital transformation at CeBIT 2014

Sameer Patel: four elements of a holistic digital transformation framework

Recently I was following a few events where the core theme was digital transformation. One of them had SAP's Sameer Patel as a speaker. I noticed this tweet with a picture of Sameer and a...