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OpenFog IEEE 1934 standard

The OpenFog Reference Architecture and the IEEE 1934 standard

What you need to know about OpenFog’s Reference Architecture and the IEEE 1934 standard, launched in June 2018 by the OpenFog Consortium and the IEEE Standards Association: what, why, when - and where you...

LiFi standardization: LiFi as the IEEE starts working on standardization

It is still early days for LiFi and it will remain a matter of niche applications for quite some time. However, the attention for LiFi, the market and LiFi use cases all increase. Moreover,...
Blockchain IoT concept

Blockchain in IoT and at IoT Solutions World Congress 2017

The attention for and developments/initiatives regarding blockchain techology in IoT have accelerated  in a remarkably short period. Blockchain has been added to the agenda of the IoT Solutions World Congress 2017 for a reason. An...