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Device management services device provisioning software and firmware updates and device monitoring revenues 2023

The edge of IoT: commoditization and market dynamics in device management services

Customers see IoT device management as part of the solutions they seek to deploy. This contributes to commoditization of IoT device management services with more competition and partnerships between vendors in the broader IoT...
Fog computing

Fog standardization: an update on the IEEE and OpenFog Consortium standards

Fog computing, the Cisco-initiated edge intelligence approach extending cloud to the edge of a network, which is further developed in the OpenFog Consortium, entered the stage of standardization end of 2017. An update as...
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The mobile first search experience means less intrusive interstitials

Although many people still use desktop computers to search and view online content (in the case of our site even a large majority), the mobile first evolution keeps progressing. And while there are tablets and...