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Some tasks executed by banks today that will be handled by customers tomorrow – source AT Kearney – click for PDF

Digital transformation: back-office challenges in retail banking

With a clear focus on the customer experience and new – digital - ways of doing marketing, retail banks have made a significant shift to digitalization or digital transformation. Yet, the innovations mainly revolve...
Ryanair and Paypal strike a - mobile and digital - payment deal - source press release

The shift to mobile and digital payments: the PayPal and Ryanair example

Retail banks have several digital transformation challenges to tackle. The core mission of the retail bank is increasingly about creating the customer-oriented conditions for people to manage their personal finances. Make no mistake: in...

Main barriers for m-commerce: mobile behavior and experiences

Mobile devices play a key role in customer interactions and an increasing number of transactions, including commerce. The rise of mobile has been exponential in recent years and mobile impacts but also continues to...