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Digital twin asset maintenance concept

Digital twin initiatives on the rise in 2018 – findings and best practices

Although the concept of digital twins isn't new and exists since before the term digital twin was coined at the start of this Millennium, it took until this decade before digital twin technology, the...
Fog computing

Fog standardization: an update on the IEEE and OpenFog Consortium standards

Fog computing, the Cisco-initiated edge intelligence approach extending cloud to the edge of a network, which is further developed in the OpenFog Consortium, entered the stage of standardization end of 2017. An update as...
Artificial intelligence in sales concept

Artificial intelligence in sales: usage, impact, examples and evolutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming mainstream in data-driven marketing and rapidly gaining traction in customer service. In this article we look at the usage of artificial intelligence in sales, another customer-facing domain where AI...