Discussing the future of IoT networks at LPWAN World Forum 2016

    On November 9th and 10th, 2016, London was the place to be to discuss about the future of IoT networks, more specifically low power, wide area or LPWA networks.

    On top of non-cellular low-power wide-area network players such as Sigfox, The LoRa Alliance and Weightless, the cellular LPWAN market was also represented, with among others the GSMA, Vodafone and the 3GPP, to name a few.

    The evolutions in cellular LPWAN (NB-IoT, LTE-M) were also tackled.

    LPWAN World Forum 2016 entry

    LPWAN in practice: evolutions and cases

    Apart from the various LPWA connectivity ecosystems, the event had a great list of speakers.

    The nice thing about the speaker list and agenda is that you got a mix of analysts , academics, various ecosystem players and associations who discussed more about the importance of the use case and the business side of things in a developing market where there is still room for several IoT connectivity tech approaches.

    There were quite some cases announced too; from various integrators but also from companies such as Schiphol Group where some interesting IoT projects have been deployed with LoRaWAN in The Netherlands.

    One of the speakers was Professor Maarten Weyn from the University of Antwerp and secretary and board member of the DASH7 Alliance.

    When he was asked if there is a place for multiple LPWAN technologies to co-exist long-term or if eventually one technology will dominate in an interview at the occasion of the event, Weyn answered: “Multimodality is key if LPWAN wants to be a success, there is not one technology which is able to cover all use cases”.

    Interview quote Maarten Weyn at the occasion of the LPWAN World Forum 2016 – full interview herepicture source LinkedIn